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The questionnaire

Quel Designer is an interactive questionnaire created by Designers+, a network of professionals, with the goal of providing designers with a profile of their skills.


Designers+ is a network for designers and other associated industry professionals founded in Saint-Etienne in 2007 with the goal of structuring and professionalizing the design sector in the Rhône-Alpes/Auvergne region.

Who is this questionnaire for?

The questionnaire was created for designers of all stripes, whatever their specialty. If you have any suggestions to help us improve the questionnaire, please do send them our way.


Each designer’s individual answers are confidential. You can view your answers at any time via a private portal. You can use your account to retake the questionnaire as many times as you want and to keep a history of your answers in order to track your progression over several years.

Contact us

If you have a question or a remark, or if you notice an error or a glitch,
you can write to us.


The questions were established by a group of designers under the direction of Brigitte Borja de Mozota, researcher in management science and design management, and Gisèle Rivière Terrolle, management consultant.

The designers:
Nadine Cahen
Jacques Bois
Philippe Moine
Laetitia Le Maner
Thomas Rosset
Jean-Philippe Cabaroc
Guillaume Granjon
Benoit Laroche Le Nagat


Project management: Marion Laïch (Designers+)
Design : Cabaroc, Obleu
Development : PixelsMill
Illustration : Cabaroc
Communication : Obleu, Sarah Henini

Quel(le) designer is funded as part of the codesign initiative by the Rhône-Alpes region and the city of Saint-Etienne.


Designers’ skills

• Magic square as seen by SISMO
FEDI reference document
ANTIC reference document
2014 DGSIS Ministry reference document
• Brigitte Borja de Mozota PowerPoint presentation / Designers’ skills

The value of design

- Publications

• Philippe Picaud et al., Design Impact. “When Design Creates Value For The Company.” Cité du Design. Mission Design France, 2015
• Brigitte Borja de Mozota, Design Management, Organisation, 2002 (reprint 2015)
• Tiphaine Igigabel & Emmanuel Thouan, The 7 Keys To Small-Business Growth, Or How Design Can Serve The Company, DICI Design, 2011
• Bruce Hannington & Bella Martin, 100 Design Methods, Eyrolles, 2013
• Fabrice Peltier, Design for Dummies, First, 2013
• Nicolas Minvielle, Design in Companies, De Boeck, 2011

- Websites

DGE Portal
• French Alliance of Designers: tool to calculate the costs of design www.calkulator.com
Le lieu du design www.lelieududesign.com
• DME award www.designmanagementexcellence.com

Contact us

If you have any question or remark, please use the contact form below.

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How well do you know your skills?

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Quel Designer ! is an individual diagnosis tool for the designer.
It allows you to precisely identify and define your professional skills,
to target your strengths and see where you can improve.
Find out after each response
the global statistics of other participants
and compare your results.

Keep a private history of your profile,
take the test regularly, and compare your results
to assess the progression of your skills.